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Places to see in UK

Stonehenge is an important prehistoric site and a top tourist attraction in England. It is believed to be the monument used as a ceremonial or religious center.

The Big Ben Clock Tower is a top attraction of London. The clock has become a symbol of the England as well as London.

Windsor Castle Windsor Castle, the official residence of Queen Elizabeth, is the largest and oldest inhabited castle in the world.

York Minster It is a large Gothic cathedral and incorporates all the stages of Gothic architectural development in England. Durham Cathedral Durham Cathedral is cherished for its architecture and incomparable setting and is regarded as a great building. The Cotswolds is a range of gentle hills known for stone-built villages, gardens and historical towns. Tower of London is a castle founded in 1066 and is a site worth visiting because of its legendary status. Another attraction is the Lake District which serves as the largest National Park in the country.

The lakes, mountains and hills provide scenic beauty and are visited by millions of tourists each year. UK is a region is filled with the sense of history, beautiful ancient villages and castles. It has a reputation for exquisite natural beauty and has stunning cities. It is a must for history and nature lovers. The visitor falls in love with its rich culture. It is synonymous with the Western culture and civilization. The English countryside has more than visual beauty and is touching. Moreover there are Mild ocean breezes, sandy beaches and swaying Palms.

People in UK believe in morality, humanity, liberty and progress. It reflects the correct taste refinement and pure ideals.

It is a perfect place to just relax and rejuvenate. UK is a cosmopolitan and popular destination filling the visitor with feelings of optimism and pulsating life. It is an ideal and energizing getaway.  It has acres of exotic woodlands and coastal walks surrounding them.

There are castles blending into the surroundings, full of romanticized stories of stunning countryside scenery. It has witnessed centuries of power, drama, gossip, heroics and tragedy pass through it.

A visitor is given an opportunity to be a part of that rich history. Here one can experience the magical backdrops. There are wonderful and plenty art collections. It is a great place to enjoy nature for the period of stay. 

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