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Ireland Visas for Settlement

Ireland Green Card:

The Ireland Green Card scheme is meant for professionals working in occupations that experience shortage in Ireland. Ireland welcomes such professionals who at least have a prior experience of 2 years in a specified field to stay in Ireland for an initial period of 2 years and which can be renewed again for another 2 years. After the renewal, the visa holders turn eligible for applying for permanent residence in Ireland.

The visa requires an applicant working for one single employer for a minimum of 12 months whilst applying for this visa.

Following are the eligibility requirements asked by Ireland Immigration from the applicants:

-->  A minimum salary of EUR 60,000 should be demonstrated per year

-->  In severely skilled areas of occupation like IT, finance, healthcare, engineering and etc, the salary slab of EU30,000 to EUR 59,000 are also considered by the applicants.

-->  All the prerequisites like educational qualifications, relevant job experience and also the specifications of the particular applicant pertaining to the company.


People with Ireland Green Card can also invite their families (dependants like spouse, children and parents) to stay in Ireland and Competent Careers offers all the required guidance for people who intend to migrate themselves and their families to Ireland on the Green Card Scheme.


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