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Ireland Study Visa

Ireland Study Visa:

Ireland Immigration welcomes education seekers from across the world to come and study in its nine prestigious universities alongside multiple institutes that teach technology. Ireland Immigration offers stay permit to students who obtain the study visa to stay in the country as long as their course is on the go!

By opting to Graduate Programme, the students who pass out of Ireland institutions can also apply for work visas which can in turn lead be led to permanent residence in the country.

Following are the requirements expected to be possessed by candidates who seek Irish student visa:

Ø   Letter of acceptance of application by an Irish educational institution which is recognized and such a program should have at least 15 hours of classes per week

Ø  Demonstration of adequate financial stability to support one’s stay and study in Ireland

Ø  Proven language proficiency in English

Ø  Evidence of health and medical insurance

Ø  Demonstration of enough evidence that a candidate will return to his/her nation upon finishing education in Ireland.


The student visa for full time students whose course length is beyond three months are blessed with a part-time job eligibility to work for a maximum of 20 hours a week to support themselves.

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