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Investment environment in UK

The UK government has an ambition to promote economic growth, and aims to double UK exports by 2020. It provides a great opportunity for businesses to forge commercial partnerships and meet the global aspirations.  It presents opportunities and uses extensive knowledge and expertise to have a better share of a global market. Comprehensive analysis is conducted on the current global market and a broad strategy is developed to foster present understanding and future challenges. There is an intention to ask relevant stakeholders to pool resource and share expertise as UK is an established hub. It considers an engagement strategy for potential investors, looking at innovative products for the tech savvy generation and long-term development opportunities.

The aim is to drive progress in the key areas highlighted, and to continue to identify areas, where a comprehensive vision and collective action will lead to further opportunities. When countries keep pace with the world there is global development which provides a huge opportunity for all. By harnessing the technical expertise, business knowledge and political influence of entrepreneurs’ global growth can be accelerated. The need of the hour is to feel confident and translate investment intentions to concrete action leading to welfare. UK does not discriminate between nationals and foreign individuals in forming and operating private companies. Once they are established, foreign-owned companies are treated similar to UK firms.

UK has the universal language, legal heritage, business institutions and great practices added with political, economic, and regulatory stability. it has financial flexibility, policies for start-ups, and entrepreneurial culture. Low rates of taxation and inflation make it attractive to foreign investors. The Government is committed to a liberal policy, economic reforms, privatization, deregulation, and supports competition. It subscribes to the OECD Codes of Liberalization of Capital Movements. Establishing a base in the UK opens doors and is effective in accessing the European Single Market, and the abolition of trade barriers. All companies are taxed alike. Corporations are taxed at 24 % and Small companies at a rate of 20%. There are Tax deductions for expenditure and depreciation of assets like machinery, plant, industrial buildings, and development assets. The projects increased by 2.6% to 697 in UK. The Government’s effort to enhance its role has yielded rich dividends with cross-border investors.

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