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1)      Overview:

Cyprus is an island country in the Mediterranean Sea belonging to Europe. Being one of the largest islands in the sea and known widely for its wine yards and tourism, Cyprus, although being a small island with population just above a million, it has a great GDP that rockets beyond $24 billion. Cyprus also welcomes increasing number of immigrants into the country with no. of visas offered by its immigration.

Competent Careers is one of the very few immigration service providers who offer their services in the area of Cyprus Immigration as well. Avail our services to know much extensive information about different types of visas offered by Cyprus Immigration. We offer end to end guidance and counselling services for all types of visa and immigration related aspects in India.

2)      About Cyprus Immigration System

Cyprus Immigration revolves around offering permanent residence to its immigrants who are able to acquire a permanent residence in its truest sense. Also Cyprus Immigration offers different types of visas who intend to travel for study, work and long term stay. Also Cyprus Immigration offers citizenship for people who wish to travel to Cyprus to invest on investment visa policy.


Competent Careers offer comprehensive guidance towards all visa and immigration aspects of Cyprus. Owing to the different types of visas offered by the Cyprus Ministry of Immigration, Competent Careers moulds your candidature in the most suitable way to make you worthy for the Cyprus visa you are looking for.

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