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Visas For Settlement

New Zealand Immigration asks for a minimum of 2 years of work experience within the country before considering its immigrants’ applications for permanent residence status. This is categorized under Work to Residence scheme and the ‘work to residence’ scheme is bifurcated into three types. Let’s saunter across the three types to help you understand about all the ways that help you attain Permanent Residence status in New Zealand.

Talent Work Policy:

The Talent Work Policy has predetermined eligibility criteria as this visa welcomes New Zealand employers to invite their offshore talent to New Zealand to work in core areas.

This visa comes with a time cap of 30 months and it I a multiple-entry visa.

By fulfilling all the requirements and after working for the stipulated time period in New Zealand, the holders are eligible to apply for permanent residence.

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Talent (Arts, Culture and Sports) Work Policy:

As the name says it all, this visa is meant for individuals who portray exceptional abilities in fields of arts or culture or sports. The applicants must be sponsored by any respective culture, arts or sports organization in New Zealand.

This again is a 30 month visa with multiple – entry facility.

After being in New Zealand under this visa for a minimum of 2 years, one can become eligible for permanent residence of the country. For more information, contact Competent Careers right away.

Long Term Skill Shortage List Work Policy:

New Zealand has been experiencing some severe shortage in terms of manpower in certain industries. That is why New Zealand Immigration has introduced this visa to welcome foreign skilled professionals to migrate to New Zealand whose occupations go hand in hand with the listed occupations on Long Term Skill Shortage List.

This visa is generally valid of 30 months and offers a multiple – entry facility to its holders. 

Upon finishing at least 24 months of working in New Zealand under this policy, the visa holders are eligible to apply for permanent residence status and they must meet the standard requirements posted by NZIS to turn eligible for permanent residence.

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