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Tips for better performance

 The following tips help in improving the overall performance of overseas students in USA:

· The Department of Homeland Security requires students to have 12 credit hours per semester.

· Maintain a balance among the courses that are undertaken.

· Do not choose courses which require lots of writing.

·  Think carefully and plan the schedule of courses and allocate proper breaks. There is a provision for taking late morning classes. Spread the classes on all days and avoid specific days like Monday and Friday.

· It is wise to Pay attention to all preregistration information and keep abreast of the latest developments and regulations. Reading all registration materials and ensuring compliance of deadlines should be a habit.

· Reading of newsletters on International Students is of great use.

· Email should be checked daily because all assignments are sent through email. Focus on a study of 7-8 hours daily and Spend much more time than was the case in high school.

·  More independent work is necessary in college.

· It is advised that the students should sit at the front of the class so the professor can see and know them. Hearing and participation in discussions becomes easier at the front.

· Finding the office of the professor, visiting it, and getting introduced, and Visiting it frequently, after making appointments are a sure way to get familiar with them. This will also immensely help later.

· Show an interest in the classroom. Listen carefully, take notes and ask questions.  

· Be polite and respectful not only to professors but to one and all.

· Have a classroom partner to review notes and assignments. In case you cannot find one, ask the professor or International Student Advisor to find someone who can help out.

· If there are Writing Center services, use them.  They help you with papers and assignments, and assist in planning the paper from the beginning.

·  It is good to Participate and Talk much in class discussions every day as the professors expect all students to participate in class discussions. Final grades are based on class participation. Participation is not considered as rude.

·Avoid just sitting and listening and make efforts to be attentive and concerned.

· Withdrawal of a course is advised to be done officially through the Registrar’s Office.

·Having a study schedule and sticking to it is important. Set the priorities and do first things first the most important work first.

· Avoid studying all night for a test and prepare ahead of time.

· Ask copies of the notes from professors.

· Be punctual to attend classes regularly. Professors check attendance, and if a student is absent, it affect the final grade.

· Realize the fact that professors lecture either from a book, or from experience and research.

· Do not hide any problem regarding bad grades, not understanding the assignments, or any other related issue and take enough measures before it gets worse. Talk with professors.

· Finding a good, illuminated and quiet place to study has great value.

· It is advised not to move around from place to place for studying.

  Use the available study time wisely. 


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