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1)      Overview:

Being the special administrative region affixed to the Chinese landscape, Hong Kong has carved a niche for itself on the global scene. Having been emerged as one of the world’s most important financial centres standing next to London and New York, Hong Kong has everything that a country can ask for. Enjoying one of the world’s most traded currencies i.e. the Hong Kong Dollar (HK$), Hong Kong has much to offer to its residents. Being one of the leading global harbours of business and trade, Hong Kong has flourished in an all-round fashion.

Competent Careers now offers exclusive guidance for people who wish to immigrate to Hong Kong under different visa categories. There are many types of visas facilitating immigration for immigrants of various types offered by Hong Kong Immigration and Competent Careers offers circumscribed services in consulting for Hong Kong Visas and Immigration.

2)      About Hong Kong Immigration:

Hong Kong Immigration follows a typical procedure in letting foreign immigrants into the region on different types of visas. There’s no specific system as such but the Hong Kong Immigration retains the right of judgment on applications with sole discretion. There are however the normal requirements that any other country asks for from applicants as well as follows:

·         Valid passport

·         Clear societal existence with no previous criminal history

·         Compliance to national safety and security concerns

·         Demonstrating the financial eligibility to sustain the stay in Hong Kong

Whilst the above 4 or so being the standard requirements, there will obviously be other requirements that change with the type of visa an applicant is applying for. Make it a point that these visa and immigration rules are likely to change by actions of Hong Kong Immigration without prior notice.

General Points Test:

Hong Kong Immigration has a point based system in place to determine the eligibility of applicants to be able to migrate to Hong Kong. Like many other countries on the global map, even Hong Kong considers the point based system as a comprehensive way of determining the eligibility of its applicants.

Following are the factors that generally go into consideration with predetermined number of points to their names.

·         Age

·         Language proficiency

·         Educational qualifications

·         Work experience

Ideal point score should be around 80 points for an applicant to stand eligible for a Hong Kong Visa; however, the point based benchmark is likely to change as per the varying patterns of Hong Kong Immigration.

Having tied up with an expert counsellor like Competent Careers keeps you updated about all the latest updates on Hong Kong Immigration and its issued visas. Sing up with Competent Careers to have your Hong Kong Immigration dreams realised.

3)      Types of Hong Kong Visas:


Hong Kong Immigration follows a very comprehensive structure in issuing visas for different types of immigrants. There are multiple visas for job seekers/professionals, students, investors, tourists etc. The eligibility criteria vary for each visa and Competent Careers offers you extensive information about each and every type of visa Hong Kong Immigration offers. Right from the eligibility requirements to the travel documentation, Competent Careers has dedicated personnel on its board to assist you in realising your Hong Kong dreams. 

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