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Hong Kong Visas for Jobseekers

Hong Kong Visas for Jobseekers:

Hong Kong Immigration offers four types of visas for jobseekers amongst which one is for mainland Chinese residents and that seems a bit irrelevant for Indian immigration enthusiasts. So Competent Careers offers information about the three types of job visas Hong Kong Immigration has for professionals who wish to migrate to Hong Kong and work there.

Immigration Arrangements for Non Local Graduates:

This is a wonderful scheme for students who have just graduated from any of the Hong Kong based institutions to stay back in the country and work. This scheme provides the facility of being able to apply for Hong Kong stay permit even without the applicants having secured an offer of employment. However, that’s only applicable only when an applicant isn’t past the 6 months’ mark of finishing his graduation.

When an applicant has gone past the six months’ mark of finishing the graduation and wants to apply for stay permit under this scheme, then the applicant is expected to furnish a valid offer of employment to obtain this visa to stay back in Hong Kong.

The Immigration Arrangements for Non Local Graduates’ scheme comes with an initial validity of 1 year. For the second renewal, the stay permit shoots up to 2 years and for the third renewal; it etches up to 3 years.

General Employment Policy:

Skilled and experienced people have got wonderful opportunity to migrate to Hong Kong in the name of General Employment Policy. This visa is initially offered for a period of two years. The first extension will be for two years and upon completing it, the second extension gives you three years of stay in Hong Kong.

Following are the criteria considered by Hong Kong Immigration to determine your eligibility to migrate to Hong Kong under General Employment Policy.

·         An employment offer letter by a Hong Kong employer.

·         Relevant demonstration of skills and experience.

·         Demonstration of clean societal record in one’s own country of residence.

·         Must belong to such occupation which lacks enough manpower in Hong Kong.

Competent Careers offers exhaustive information about the General Employment Policy scheme offered by Hong Kong Immigration.

Quality Migrant Admission Scheme:

Hong Kong also welcomes skilled people from across the world who are freshmen when it comes to work experience. Hong Kong Immigration has introduced Quality Migrant Admission Scheme to encourage young talent from any part of the world to migrate to Hong Kong and contribute by working there to Hong Kong economy.

Following are the eligibility requirements considered by Hong Kong Immigration to determine the eligibility of applicants under Quality Migrant Admission Scheme.

·         Applicants should be a minimum of 18 years of age.

·         Applicants must demonstrate financial capability to sustain in Hong Kong during the stay.

·         Applicants must demonstrate clean social record.

·         Applicants must demonstrate language proficiency in either English or Chinese.

·         Provide degree level qualifications from recognized educational institutions.


Competent Careers offers full fledged info about the point based system that has the above mentioned criteria with predetermined points to each parameter. Contact us to know more about this scheme.

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