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Sweden Business Visa

Sweden Business Visa:

Sweden welcomes applicants with entrepreneurial spirits to come and invest in Sweden based organization or to setup their new business within the country. The visa granted for such individuals is called as Sweden’s Self-Employed Residence Permit (SERP).

Following are the eligibility criteria that need to be demonstrated by the applicants of SERP visa in Sweden:

·         Relevant prior experience in the domain in which new business is being established

·         Language proficiency in either Swedish or English language

·         Demonstrate the strategy of how the business’s commodities will be saleable in Sweden market

·         Demonstrate financial leverage to survive and sustain in Sweden

·         Demonstrate the business’s self-sustaining and income-churning strategies after a breakeven period of 2 years.

Apart from this, there is a list of documents that need to be furnished by the applicants who are applying for the business visa in Sweden.

The same SERP visa holder can switch his and his dependants’ visas to permanent residence category upon living in Sweden for a minimum of 5 years. Five years after obtaining permanent residence and staying in Sweden, the same residents can apply for Swedish Citizenship.


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