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Ireland Visa for Job seekers

Work Permit Scheme:

This scheme is to let skilled professionals from across the world to come and work in Ireland for an initial period of 2 years. However, applicants should have a salary of minimum EUR 30,000 per year to be able to apply for this visa.

The scheme offers its holders to renew their visas for an extension of 3 years upon finishing the initial 2 years. Beyond these five years, it can be extended forever.

However, only specified professionals from selected occupations can apply for this visa and this scheme targets in bridging the gap between availability and demand of skilled workforce in certain areas of employment in Ireland.

Competent Careers offers further more information about the Work Permit Scheme, about the documentation, about the processing and what not. Contact us to know if you’re eligible for the work permit scheme in Ireland.

Working Holiday Visa:

This can be called an extended holiday visa allowing its holders to stay in Ireland for a maximum of 12 months during which they’re eligible to undergo employment as well.

The working holiday visa holders are not supposed to work beyond 39 hours a week during their stay in Ireland.

Following are the eligibility requirements expected to be possessed by the applicants for this visa:

·         Age between 18 – 30 years


·         Demonstration of financial capability to support their stay in Ireland

·         Valid passport

·         Clean social record

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