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Visas For Tourists

Denmark Tourist Visa:

Being a country in the European Union and also being a developed country, Denmark has its foot set firmly in tourism industry as well. Denmark has many historic and contemporary tourist attractions that garner enthusiasm and eagerness from world travellers. That is why, Denmark has been able to attract visitors from all parts of the world for holidaying and vacations.

Competent Careers offers excellent guidance for Denmark Tourist Visa requirements and the process. Since we are exceedingly good at anything about Denmark, its visa and immigration policies, it’ll be a cakewalk for you to get yourself a Danish tourist visa if you choose Competent Careers to help you with it.

Following are the requirements expected by Denmark Immigration from applicants of tourist visa to grant them the same:

v  Applicants’ passports must have at least three months of validity after the Danish tourist visa expires.

v  Applicants’ passports must be not more than 10 years old.

v  Applicants are expected to demonstrate their financial status to prove that that they can support themselves (and family, if touring with family). Minimum amount of money per day will be determined by Danish Diplomatic Mission.

v  Applicants must be holding a valid medical insurance that’s applicable overseas.

v  Applicants must have clean social record unlike any criminal past to their candidatures.

The Denmark Tourist Visa allows its holders to stay for a maximum of 90 uninterrupted days within a span of 6 months.


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