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Why Competent Careers for Hong Kong

Hong Kong being a Special Administrative Region under Chinese reign has specific rules and regulations made for itself. Talking about the Immigration department of Hong Kong, although it appears to have very linear approach towards the visas it offers by adhering to a point based system, there are many intricacies hovering around all the types of visas issued by Hong Kong Immigration.

Mere look at different websites won’t answer all your queries about Hong Kong, its immigration policies, its visa types, and everything else. Like for any serious decision making, you need an expert guiding you before you take the step of trying to migrate to Hong Kong. That expert is none other than Competent Careers.


We are one of the very few consulting services providers in India for overseas recruitment who have got their offerings in Hong Kong section as well. Since we have the most experienced counsellors for Hong Kong on our board, guiding you towards the most appropriate visa type that Hong Kong Immigration offers you is a cakewalk for us.

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