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France Visas for Jobseekers

France Immigration offers two types of work permit to its immigration seekers. Since as we already made it clear that France is very meticulous about filtering the skilled from the unskilled, the two types of work permit visas issued by France Immigration focus on recruiting the best & deserving talent to the country while dropping off the undeserving.

Temporary Secondment:

This visa is valid only for 18 months and this has to be filed on behalf of the applicant by his employer to deploy the applicant at the client’s location in France. The basic requirement is the applicant has to be on the client’s site, payroll and employment all during his stay in France. At the most, this visa can be extended for another 9 months after completion of the 18 months validity.

Full work permit:

This is like a work permit any other country offers to its skilled immigrants. The full work permit doesn’t impose any time limit of validity on its holders. This can be applied by an employer based in France who wishes to have his foreign employees recruited to France to work on the office premises. Employees who are the applicants are supposed to be the full time employees of the firms they are representing and they must be paid in French currency.


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