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Being one of the prominent countries in the Europe, France has been an evergreen destination for foreign immigrants. It has many reasons to support that statement. Being under the capital of Paris for centuries now, France has seen a major uplift in its socio-economic stature as it emerged to be one of the most significant economies of Europe, if not the whole world. Being among the highly developed countries in the world and being a founder member of UN, France is undoubtedly one of the most prominent countries in the world.

France, owing to its high standards of life, work, education and living in general, offers the same to its immigrants apart from its residents. French educational institutions are known for offering world class education while French Immigration creates opportunities for foreign skilled workers to migrate to France and work in the country. Know more about what France and its Immigration dept have in store for you.

1)      About France Immigration System

France Immigration mainly revolved around filtering the skilled workers from the not so skilled so as to reduce the burden on French economy. However, the France Immigration also has its claws clinched on other visa categories like student visa, business visa, visitor visa etc.


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