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Tourist Visa

Visitor Visa:

New Zealand Immigration generously offers tourist visas for people who intend to travel to New Zealand on different purposes. As there are purposes of visit which do not fall under Tourist Visa category, there are purposes which DO fall under this category.

Following are the purposes of visit for which a Tourist Visa should be obtained. If your intent of visit is any one of the below, then you should apply for New Zealand’s tourist visa:

-->    Touring the country

-->    Studying a non-academic course that doesn’t last beyond 3 months

-->    Represent any sport or cultural event without monetary benefit involved

-->    A short business trip

-->    Visiting New Zealand for medical treatment purpose

New Zealand’s tourist visa is essentially a multiple-entry visa with the provision of staying in the country for a maximum of 9 months on a single visit and this visa is valid for 18 months.

Working Holiday Visa:

Also technically known as Generic Temporary Entry Policy, the working holiday visa allows its holders to visit New Zealand on short term work purposes to have their business done. The primary characteristic of this visa is it allows its holders to stay in New Zealand for nothing beyond a total of 12 months.

Be it the visitor visa or the holiday working visa, the only complete, relevant information provider for you in India is Competent Careers. We offer the most comprehensive information about traveling to New Zealand on any visa. Contact to learn more about New Zealand Immigration and under which visa category can it welcome you into the country.

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