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Best of Education In New Zealand

New Zealand has world-class universities, highly desired quality of life, nationals from diverse communities, rich, warm and vibrant cities, pleasing natural scenery and a wide range of outdoor pursuits. Cities of Auckland and Wellington are known for cultural activities.

There are eight Universities in New Zealand with Auckland claiming the top spot at world 94. It has the honor that all its eight universities figure in the top 500. They maintain their places on the ranking list and aim to increase their competitiveness constantly. Universities are undertaking measures to respond to the competitive challenges quickly and effectively and secure an advantage. There are 20 Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics, offering vocational courses.

New Zealand has bachelor's degree followed by a Master's degree. A candidate who not holding an Honors degree can be awarded a Master's degree (with honors) but the period of study is two years, as compared to one year for an Honors Master's degree candidate. The Arts and Humanities, Life Sciences, Medicine, Engineering and Technology, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences and Management are given focus that is expected by them. The universities focus on academic reputation, better faculty student ratio and make the international students feel at home. The undergraduate tuition fee is affordable. The students follow the guidelines and know what's expected of them. They do great jobs when professors truly connect with them. It's about having a perfect relationship.

They need an academic atmosphere, effective communication, and proper discipline to realize their expectations. Government is ambitious and provides for the University's income and aims to make the current system better. It produces a dramatic change in the role of universities and enhances its importance in a big way. Having vital skills and the capability to innovate, exploiting the potential, growing foreign student numbers to boost income, and aligning research within universities to industry needs; are the goals of NZ Universities. They understand the importance for international competitiveness and work for it. Their strategy is to emphasize on matching skills to labor needs; addressing skill shortages, and be accountable, nimble and efficient. They have autonomy and a status in society which is jealously guarded. Universities are places of higher learning where students learn to think, and gain academic skills. The councils, the staff, alumni, and students all combine with the goal to excel and provide a great learning experience. Universities are investigative and creative, serving as the critic and conscience of society as a whole. They have long horizons and great objectives.

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