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Singapore Tourist Visa

Singapore Tourist Visas:

Singapore Immigration offers tourist visas for foreign immigrants who intend to travel in Singapore for short durations. The name is Social Visit Pass and this is usually valid for up to 2 to 4 weeks. Singapore offers this visa to foreign immigrants who visit Singapore on a holiday or on short business trips like attending interviews, conferences etc.

However, the visa can be extended up to three months by renewing it. This visa doesn’t permit its holders to work in Singapore under any circumstances.

Following are the eligibility requirements for a foreign national to apply for Singapore tourist visa:

-->  No previous record of tourist visa renewals in the past.

-->  The duration of one single trip should be within 89 days.

-->  There should be at least valid 2 days of stay permit left on one’s tourist visa before departure.

-->  Only after a 5 day interim of foreign travel can one revisit Singapore on this visa.


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