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Competent Careers is established with the single minded ambition to be the one stop solutions provider for all kinds of immigration and visa consulting services to all the major global destinations. With the number of people looking at the newer overseas avenues to build sustainable careers is increasing exponentially, there is a rising need for a one stop platform where all the overseas needs can be met.

India is a talent enrich country with Indians proving their mark all across the planet. It is only going to get better with more and more Indians venturing out of country. Competent Careers takes a great pride in being adequately equipped to offer the best-in-industry immigration and visa consulting services for such Indians who’re eager to carve their niche in overseas destinations.

All the major destinations in the world are now welcoming foreign immigrants from all walks of life. International students, skilled personnel, artists, investors, businessmen, dependants etc. are all now being welcomed by the countries. However, depending on the country and the type of visa, the requirements, documentation and the processing change. To gain a circumscribed view about all such countries’ immigrations and visa types, Competent Careers is your choice.

When we say we are adequately equipped, we meant in its trust sense. Competent Careers boasts in its manpower, infrastructure and robust Research and Development wing to put forth the latest information at our clients’ disposal with one sole mission – to make them more informed about overseas career options. As some wise man once remarked “Clarity precedes Success”; Competent Careers heartily believes in that adage and does everything in its right to have its clients entitled to what the deserve – the best!

Any country, any visa and any query – you have Competent Careers at your avail. We are your trusted partner in substantiating your overseas career dreams. Right from a thought budding in your mind to migrate overseas till you land up in a foreign destination, Competent Careers will be by your side at every step.



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