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1)      Overview:

Belonging to Northern Europe, Sweden is not just vast but also hugely populated. With more than 9 million people to its name, Sweden is populated than most of the European nations. Sweden is a very self absorbed country with its principal interests lying in its national well being and prosperity. That made the country well developed with all parameters like quality of life, education, per-capita income etc. ranking more than most of the countries in the world. Stockholm, the capital of Sweden is one of the major commercial centres in Europe.

The number of people choosing Sweden as their foreign destination to study, work and do business is increasing. Accordingly, Sweden Immigration is also inviting and welcoming increasing number of immigrants so that even the country’s economy can witness a boost. In the spite of this situation, Competent Careers offers great guidance for Indians who want to migrate to Sweden for whatever purpose they have to make a sustainable living in the country.

2)      About Sweden Immigration System

Sweden had treaded quite a conservative path in the past in allowing immigrants in to the country because of its main occupation being agriculture. However, with changing times, Sweden is experiencing a Renaissance in terms of culture, economy and societal happenings. Fortuitously, Sweden Immigration is being wise enough to reformulate its immigration rules to welcome more number of foreign individuals in to the country.

Competent Careers brings to your avail the best information about Sweden Immigration system and the subsequent visas issued by the department. May visas are offered by Sweden Immigration and depending on the occupancy of applicants, these visas are neatly categorized based on the same occupancy and presented to you in the following section. 

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