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Australian Immigration System

Australia adheres to a point based system to let the prospective immigrants to migrate into the country. Depending on numerous parameters, the point based Australian immigration system is a comprehensive system to determine and differentiate between legitimate and illegitimate immigration seekers. A mere peek at this section will give you an idea about the point-based system that leaves you better prepared!

However, there are only handful types of visas that could be determined by the point based system.

 Following are those specific visa types: 

·         Skilled Independent Migrate Visa (SIM) (Subclass 189)

·         State Territory Nominated Individual Visa (STNI) (Subclass 190)

·         Skilled Independent Regional / Relative visa (Subclass 489)

Make a note that 60 marks on the point based Australian Immigration system stands as the consensual point to obtain majority of the visas.



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