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Individuals who come from other countries to live in the Netherlands have a series of arrangements to take care of, according to the purpose of their residence. If you are new to Holland, it is best to seek professional immigration services in the Netherlands.

There are lots of opportunities for expats in the Netherlands, with a wide range of international and multinational companies with offices there. Highly skilled workers are in great demand and as a result there is a fast-track immigration process to mobilise employees, particularly engineers, those with technical skills or finance experience, IT specialists, and sales, marketing and customer service experts, as well as professionals and graduates working in health care, tax, interim managers and education.

The main industries in Holland are food processing, chemicals, gas and oil and its most important sectors are retail, property, transport, communications and the financial services

A small country tucked between Germany and Belgium, the Netherlands is famous for tulips, windmills and a liberal mind set. With a high standard of living and many innovative companies, a Netherlands work permit is a great way to enhance your career.

Strictly speaking, Holland is a region in the Netherlands. It has now been split into the provinces of North Holland, home to the capital city of Amsterdam, and South Holland, which boasts Europe's largest port. While most people will understand you if you say either Holland or the Netherlands, some Dutch people, particularly those who are not from the region of Holland, do get a little cross!

Immigrants are people who come from other countries to reside in the Netherlands for employment, family reunification or other purposes. Not all foreign nationals are automatically allowed to settle in the Netherlands. To settle here, you may require a residence permit, which you can obtain under certain conditions. For instance, if you are immigrating for family reunification, you must have a Dutch partner or a partner who is legally resident in the Netherlands and who has sufficient income. The Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) assesses applications for residence permits.

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