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1)      Overview:

Singapore is one of the highly developed countries in Asia as it also acts as one of the economic torchbearers of the largest continent in the world. Although very minute in area and population, Singapore keeps its head high by churning out exemplary records in all sectors. Many foreign nationals find Sin      gapore as a hub for their promising career aspects. It is because Singapore welcomes thousands of foreign immigrants every year into the country in the name of education, employment, business investment and etc.

Talking about Competent Careers, Competent Careers is one of the very few, trusted overseas career consulting firms in India that offer their consulting services for Singapore visas and immigration as well. Be it study in Singapore or Singaporean visas for job seekers, Competent Careers offers excellent guidance for Indians who intend to migrate to Singapore.

2)      About Singapore Immigration System:

Singapore Immigration revolves around opening the avenues of Permanent Residency and eventually Citizenship to its immigrants. Most of the visas are aimed at attracting skilled personnel from across the globe to recruit them to Singapore by letting them enjoy truly world-class living in the country. With this, even Singaporean economy gets a major boost as the country’s got almost 50% of foreign nationals working in its private sector. That fact alone is sufficient to make a statement that Singapore is a hub for foreign immigrants.

Close to 40% of the 5+ million residents in Singapore are foreign born. That makes Singapore dominantly an immigrant country, though with its own set of originalities. On the whole, Singapore calls for an exciting life that also glimmers a promise for its immigrants.


Competent Careers now opens its doors to welcome Indians who are wishing to migrate to Singapore for better living standards. All types of visas offered by Singapore Immigration can be known more about at Competent Careers. Right from figuring out the appropriate visa for you to the point of you migrating to Singapore, Competent Careers will be by your side at each step of your pursuit to Singapore.

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