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Singapore Student Visa

Singapore has been known for years now for the global class education it offers to its pupils. That is why Singaporean educational institutions welcome thousands of foreign students every year into their premises to offer them scintillating education. Renowned for the infrastructure, flexible curricula, top notch faculty, global exposure and employment opportunities following education, Singaporean education is a dream for aspiring students who wish to study and achieve greater heights in life.

Like any other country, Singapore Immigration has set some eligibility criteria for aspiring immigrants to come and study in Singapore. Following are such eligibility criteria:

-->  An offer letter to study at a recognized Singaporean educational institution.

-->  A valid passport

-->  Proofs demonstrating previous education and respective grades to meet the expectations of Singaporean education standards.

-->  Financial ability to sponsor one’s education in Singapore.

-->  Necessary language skills must be demonstrated.


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