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France Business Visas

France Immigration has introduced The French Resident Permit Program for prospective investors who are willing to invest at least GBP 10 million in a France based business. This visa is valid up to 10 years and leads to French Citizenship and no other eligibility requirements like adaptability, language proficiency etc are asked by the French Immigration.

This is the shortest path to French Citizenship as the visa holders can apply for French Citizenship in just 3 years into the residence in France under this visa.

Following are the requirements expected out of the applicants seeking the French Resident Permit Program:

·         A minimum investment of GBP 10 million which should be aimed at churning jobs for local workers in the long  term  aspect

·         Be in the good books of France Immigration to appear eligible for living in France

·         Maintain and prove a clean social record with no previous criminal history


We at Competent Careers extended greater support if you are one of those looking to invest in France based business by applying for the French Resident Permit Program. We offer end to end consulting services for this French visa.

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