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UK Travel

Any travel of UK begins with London which has special attractions spread across its length and breadth. The Famous Sights of Big Ben, the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, the London Eye and so much more.

The rich experience of a red double-decker bus is worth remembering. It is home to the best shopping in the world where great valuables and mementos can be bought.  The Nightlife is marked by classic pubs, clubs, bars, theatres, musical performances, standup comedy shows which promise a great evening. The history and splendor of royalty serves as another attraction through the display of the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle. Going out to explore and seeing the dramatic story of London is a great activity with a charm of its own.

Moving further one can proceed to stunning coastline which is long and appealing in a special way.

A great diversity of fascinating people, tell their own story. The UK tourism industry is great success story calling for the arrival of several tourists.  The Countryside has natural beauty, rugged mountains, deep forests and tranquil waterways. This is apart from great beaches, imposing cliffs and surfing sites. The rich heritage has historic treasures. The ancient heritage of Stonehenge is regarded as a famous prehistoric monument in the world. The Culture is represented by London’s West End which has the best theatre in the world. There are three of the most visited museums in the world in the form of the British Museum, the National Gallery and the Hockneys at Tate Modern.

UK has a rich legacy of sports and the English Premier League football is very popular. The Wimbledon tennis tournament has a place of its own. The Lord’s in London is the home of cricket, deserving a visit by every cricket fan. For golf Gleneagles in Scotland, is worth a visit. The Shopping is a huge experience especially in luxury brands like Burberry, Paul Smith, Stella McCartney; Harrods, Marks and Spencer’s, Boots; and at the iconic Westfield in London.

The food is a passion and there are more than 200 Michelin starred restaurants serving tasty and varied dishes. UK has variety of food for the body and the mind which determines the character of life.  Scotch is a favorite drink of many people and comes from the Highlands. UK is great for kids and has several venues, such as Alton Towers, Whipsnade Zoo, Legoland, and the Natural History Museum which open up knowledge.  UK has big visa operations in India with 12 application centers. 

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