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Hong Kong settlement visas

Hong Kong settlement visas:

Hong Kong Immigration welcomes dependants of Hong Kong residents to come and stay with them. People who migrate to Hong Kong on different visas stay there and upon fulfilling few criteria are invited to welcome their dependants to come and stay in Hong Kong. Few visa holders like QMAT scheme, GEP scheme, students or Capital Investment Entrant Scheme can welcome their dependants to apply for dependant visas to come and settle down in Hong Kong.

Following are the eligibility criteria expected out of applicants who want to enter Hong Kong as dependants of already existing Hong Kong residents.

·         Applicant can be spouse

·         Applicant can be child(ren) of less than 18 years of age

·         Applicant can be parent(s) who’s not less than 60 years of age

·         Applicant should demonstrate the genuineness of his/her relationship with the sponsor

·         Sponsor must demonstrate the ability to support the dependants upon their immigration to Hong Kong.

It’s important to mention that these settlement visas come with no time limit imposed on the stay and talking about the processing time, it takes a normal 6 weeks of time for Hong Kong Immigration to process a dependant visa application upon applicants furnishing all required documents.

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