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The US is renowned for possessing a thriving IT sector, and many persons find it ideally attractive for great opportunities, modern training and career advancement. It is a pioneer in technology and has well written and enforced laws. It is a nation of citizens, who are bound by ideals and a progressive set of values. It is associated with gaining great triumph in many fields including academics and also with honors, awards and distinctions,

It is credit worthy and seizes every moment of growth. The multitude of ready-made opinions, for the use of individuals and society, helps in having a positive approach. The American Experience is unique and living and working in USA is a great opportunity. Some persons have the desire to move permanently to live and work and some plan to return to home country. Visas can be applied for, permanent and temporary stay.

The rules of issuing a US visa change constantly and depend on occurrence of War, civil unrest; security concerns, natural disasters but they are for a temporary period in a certain country. Individuals from any of the countries where there is no consular presence can avail the services from the nearest embassy. The US Department of State website periodically updates the status of visa services provided.

A visa permits arrival at a port of entry and subsequently a request can be made to the Department of Homeland Security. The Customs and Border Immigration Official decide the tenure of the stay. They can refuse entry if the stated information and facts provided for visits are incomplete or wrong. In Refusal of entry visa fee is not refunded

Working style:

US Immigration officials work with the target to complete all applications within 4 months but this is not a guarantee. There are seasonal high and low which affect the waiting time as every application has unique traits and requires different treatment and approaches. Additional administrative checks take a long time and delay the proceedings. The time allotted to live and work in USA on a temporary visa is decided on the strength of arrangement by the home country of applicant with America, usually done on a reciprocal agreement done by the two countries.  Please ensure to leave sufficient time before travel for the loads of paperwork to be completed in case of applying for a permanent right to reside.

The healthcare scenario:

 The healthcare system is vital, requiring thorough research; below is a brief overview of the basic facts. One needs to pay premium for healthcare in US. Arranging for insurance is paramount. Employers provide full or part healthcare insurance to job holders and their family members. Generally Hospitals and Doctors do not refuse to provide treatment for emergency. The US Department of Health and Human Services has a list of clinics and centers of medical assistance which provide basic care on a free basis to immigrants.

The eligibility criteria are clear and forms are freely available online. Help and involvement of an immigration consultant maximizes the chances of obtaining approval of US visa. If the visa is rejected for a particular category, the case may be that the limit has already exceeded for the year.  

India Office

In order to arrange smooth processing of US immigration in India, an office has been created which has issued 24,759 visas in 2012. US immigration in India is facilitated by the US Embassy in New Delhi. It is closed on USA or Indian public holidays. A Scheduled appointment with them prioritizes application and will ensure its hearing and forwarding. It is open in the mornings between 9am to 12 Noon. The website for the US immigration in India office gives the information on the type of application which require being booked in advance. Queries are handled in a professional manner and the visa application should be completed in English. Arrange for the translation of documentation if necessary. Fee is accepted through a demand draft in Indian rupees.2222

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