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Having an ideal career is a dream for all. For those, who are standing on the threshold of stepping into the corporate world and the ones in it facing a constant pressure to perform. Now the catch 22 situation is where you are asked to plan a career!

If it was so much under my control to sketch and build a perfect career, would I not become the next Bill Gates? But taking all the external and internal factors into account I still can do a bit of planning. Let's say a bit of preparation to deal with a lot of happening days!.

The very basic is to know what you actually want. What kind of a company are you ready to work in? Which work culture will enable you to perform? The people you want to work with. Do you want them to be behaving formally or you want to work in a fun place? Work profile you want. Do you wish to be a leader or a follower? The roles and responsibilities you want to take? How strong is your emotional quotient for some not so desirable work situations? What kind of benefits and compensation you want from the company? Answers to all these questions will bring out a picture of what kind of a career you desire!.


Current Vacancy Post Location No. Of Positions Apply
Student Couselor Hyderabad 5
International Relations Officer Hyderabad 2
Student Counselor Chennai 5
Remote Counselors Chennai 7
Front Desk Executive Chennai 1

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