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Visit Visa's

14 Day Visa/Short Term Visit Visa (Single Entry):

If you are planning a short trip to Dubai with friends or family for outing or to attend any kind of Function than this 14 Days visa is just perfect for you. The Processing takes only 3-4 working days with minimal of documentation. The copy of visa is mailed to you on your email Id in JPEG/PDF format.

Main benefits of a 14-Days Visa

-->    Short term visit for business or recreation purpose

-->    Sightseeing of Dubai and other emirates of the UAE

-->    Spending time with relatives and friends

 30 Day Multiple Entry Visa/Tourist Visa (Multiple Entry):

If you are looking for pro-longed holidays or want to finish up small project or any other activities which requires your stay or presence for almost a month than 30 Days Dubai Tourist visa often called as Short Stay visa is just right for you. Process is completed in 3-4 working days excluding Friday and Saturday. E-Visa will be emailed to you on your Email Id in JPEG/PDF format.

Main Benefits of a 30-Days Multiple Entry Visa

-->    Allows for multiple visits to Dubai while the visa is valid

-->    Perfect for those who need to attend repeated meetings, conferences etc. in Dubai or UAE

-->    Make business or frequent Dubai visits more convenient and less expensive

90 Day Visa/Long Term Tourist Visa (Single Entry):

If you are looking to setup your own business or looking to buy a property in Dubai which required you to stay up to 3 months than you surely need a 90 Days Dubai visa also called as Long stay Visa. Process is completed in 3-4 days and this visa allows you to stay in Dubai up to 90 days.

Main benefits of a 90-Days Visa

-->    Ideal for long term vacation in Dubai

-->    Enough time to revel in the main sights of the UAE

-->    Enjoy all activities including desert safari, dhow cruise, world-class shopping etc.

6 Months Multiple Entry Visa/Long Term Tourist Visa (Multiple Entry):

Multiple Entry Visa can be useful for the business people who are frequent travelers to the UAE, entitles the traveler to enter multiple time for a period of six months with a stay of no more than 14 days each time.

Main Benefits of a 180-Days Multiple Entry Visa

-->    Tour Dubai on multiple occasions with a single visa

-->    Recurrent visits to Dubai made easier and cheaper

-->    Suitable for both business and leisure travelers.

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