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1)      Overview:

Being known for centuries for history, art, culture, fashion, civilization and economy, Italy is one of the most influential nations in the European Union. Being geographically placed in Southern Europe, Italy enjoys a great contemporary prominence in the world by boasting of the second biggest economy in Europe and eighth biggest in the entire world. With Rome being the capital and currency being Euro, Italy is one of those destinations that always stays on the minds of travellers; be them tourists or immigrants. With population more than 60 million, Italy also offers a great living habitat not just to its residents but to immigrants as well.

Considering the significance of Italy, many people are aware of what Italy is potent of offering to them in terms of immigration. That is why Italy has emerged to be one of the most favourite immigration destinations of the world. Competent Careers now offer exemplary guidance and consulting services for Indians who wish to migrate to Italy.

2)      About Italy Immigration System:

Italy Immigration system predominantly focuses on offering work permits for international immigrants. However, the work permit system introduced by Italy Immigration revolves around the employers of applicants but not the applicants indeed.

Italian Immigration system imposes the standard immigration requirements on its applicants who seek Italian visas to enter Italy. Following are those requirements.

·         Hold a valid passport

·         Demonstrate all required documents substantiating the purpose and subsequent evidence of entry, stay and exit of Italy.

·         Hold a valid visa that’s acquired by applying through Italian embassy in the respective county of an applicant.

·         Demonstrate a clean social record without any previous illegal/criminal history

Competent Careers offers much extensive information about Italy and you can access such information only by contacting us. We offer excellent guidance to all the visas offered by Italy Immigration so that we help you materialize your dreams of immigrating to Italy.

3)      Types of Italian Visas:


Quite fittingly, Italy Immigration offers various types of visas to different visa seekers. Know more about the different visas offered by Italy and what Competent Careers tells you about each of such visas.

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