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Types of Visas

Types of residence permits and work: procedures, terms and requirements:

At first the number of different types and Malaysian visa requirements could lead to confusion. However, the application process has been simplified for foreigners, since now all the necessary information and forms are available in English.

There are three types of visas issued by the Malaysian Government to foreigners:

1. Single entry visa: allows only one entry in the country and is a validation of a maximum of 3 months. It is usually issued for the purpose of tourism.

2. Multiple Entry Visa: This visa validation usually ranges from 3 to 12 months and is issued mainly for business or governmental. To obtain this visa the applicant must provide sufficient financial funds to cover their travel as well as a valid return ticket.

3. Transit Visa: For passenger traffic in Malaysia en route to another country. If the foreigner does not leave the airport while waiting for the connecting flight, a transit visa is not required.

Visa with / without Reference:

Depending on the reason of travelling to Malaysia, you may need a visa that requires a reference published by the Malaysian Immigration Department. This usually applies to foreigners who come to Malaysia as professionals, students or dependents. For social purposes: tourism or conferences, references are not necessary.


All foreigners entering the country obtain an entry pass. This is an endorsement in the passport, entry visa in addition to Malaysia issued in the country of origin concerned (when necessary), which allows visitors to stay temporarily. Depending on the purpose of the visit, the passes to be issued will be different:

• Short Term Pass / Social Visit:

• Long Term Pass / Social Visit

• Student Passes

Permanent visas and residency programs:

The requirements for obtaining a permanent visa are very simple, but the process can take up to several years. If you qualify, you can opt for the residency program in Malaysia instead.

Program "Malaysia My Second Home" (MM2H)

The MM2H program was initially established by the Malaysian Government to allow all foreigners who meet certain conditions to remain in the country with a long-term visa at least 10 years (renewable). They can enter and leave the country freely without restrictions. Successful applicants may also bring their spouse, their children less than 21 years and dependent parents over 60 years with them. A successful application is linked not only to compliance with certain financial and medical conditions, but also to various incentives.

Work Visas 

Work permits in Malaysia are generally obtained by the employer. If you own a company and want to hire a foreigner, be prepared for a long process.

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