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Belonging to Northern Europe, Denmark is one of the significant countries in Europe. Its currency is Danish Krone and its capital is Copenhagen. Whenever someone mentions Copenhagen, the first thing that flashes across one’s mind is the promising career opportunities it offers to its people. There’s something to be noted here: Denmark offers promising life and opportunities not just to its residents but also to foreign nationals. The trend of choosing Denmark to migrate to is picking up its deserving pace and soon, Denmark is likely to join the list of European counties that attract flocks of foreign immigrants.

The awareness towards Denmark, its immigration policies, its types of visas and other regulations is relatively less in India in contrast to other countries. It is because comparatively less numbers of Indians have preferred to migrate to Denmark. However, since the number of Indian immigration enthusiast who are swaying towards Denmark is rising consistently, Competent Careers considers it very vital to educate people about Denmark and its visa & immigration aspects.

About Denmark Immigration System:

Denmark Immigration is very hospitable towards foreign immigrants as the country offers promising prospects for the foreign nationals. Most of the visas issued by Denmark direct one towards Green Card to acquire the permanent resident status in Denmark. Denmark treads a rather flexible path to make the immigrants feel very relaxed about the whole aspect of migration. Apart from that Denmark Immigration offers multiple benefits to the people who are looking to migrate to the country.

Discussing the benefits of Denmark Immigration will give you a clear idea of what this country that boasts of its one of the world’s highest per capita income has in store for you. Following are the salient features and benefits offered by Danish Immigration:

ü  Denmark Immigration focuses exclusively on the Green Card Scheme to welcome the skilled workers and professionals across the world to migrate to Denmark to offer them promising career opportunities and to allow them to settle down in Denmark by acquiring Green Card status for themselves.

ü  Denmark Immigration opens the avenues for its immigrants to migrate and work anywhere within the European Union (EU) region; that is a scintillating offer one must say.

ü  Having known for its social and national integrity, Denmark Immigration is well renowned in European Union so that its Green Card holders need no special visas to travel across Schengen countries.

ü  Denmark Immigration offers permanent residence to its immigrants within a span of 7 years.

ü  Immigrating a family to Denmark is very easy for a person who’s already been in Denmark because Denmark Immigration supports family emigration extensively by flexible family visas without much hassle.

Eligibility Criteria for Denmark Visas:

Fortunately, Denmark follows a singular, flexible point based system to grant various types of visas for its applicants. Denmark Immigration has come up with this unified point based system with different eligibility criteria listed as parameters with predetermined number of points to each of such parameters. Discussing the eligibility criteria is very important so that it gives you an overall view about Danish Immigration and what it takes to be in its good books!

Academic Credentials:

Denmark Immigration has assigned most number of points to applicants’ educational qualifications. Applicants with bachelor’s degrees/master’s degrees in Denmark or the equivalent ones from recognized foreign institution have a possibility of scoring up to 130 points under this section. This assessment is carried out by the Danish Agency for Higher Education and it will appease the agency if such degrees are accomplished from reputed institutions across the world. If the streams in which such degrees are acquired coincide with areas of profession that fall under the Positive List, there will be bonus points as well.

Language Proficiency:

Denmark Immigration considers language proficiency as the next parameter on the point based system it adheres to. A maximum of 40 points can be secured when applicants demonstrate excellent language proficiency with paper based evidences. The languages in which the proficiency is tested are Danish, English, German or Norwegian. An extra proficiency in any of the Scandinavian languages like Norwegian or Swedish or Danish bags extra points.

Adaptability to Denmark Life:

Denmark Immigration considers this one as a parameter. The only way applicants can demonstrate their adaptability to Denmark life is by proving that they have prior experience of living (either studying or working) in any of the countries under European Union. The same adaptability can be demonstrated by proving expertise in Danish language as well. This criterion can maximum award 15 points to the applicants.


Competent Careers is one of the very, very few consulting services providers in India who offer the best visa and immigration guidance to Denmark Immigration. As the country is still picking up in the area of target immigrants, it’s about time you consider Denmark as your foreign destination to lead an all-round fulfilling life. Don’t forget you have Competent Careers on your side to help you in all ways possible to realise your Danish Dreams!


Types of Denmark Visas:

Denmark’s Immigration system is very clearly sorted out with dedicated visas to different types of immigrants. There will be students who want to study in Denmark, there will be job holders who want to work and settle in Denmark and etc. For all those immigration seekers from multiple categories, Denmark Immigration offers visas.


Competent Careers brings closer to you the different types of visas offered by Denmark Immigration. We have categorized the visas for the types of immigration seekers based on their primary occupation and intended occupation so that it becomes easy for them to learn about any specific type of visa in singularity. For further, detailed information on any type of visa, contact Competent Careers.

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