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Habits of overseas students

They cultivate Time management and communication skills. They Do not feel shy about communicating either with friends or with professors. Students must understand degree requirements and increase their knowledge about academic resources on campus. It is good to be open and friendly which creates a positive environment. A college represents an opportunity to forge new friendships. Students build a new social life completely from scratch. Involvement with friends happens around a common activity, hobby or interest. In the academic setting, friendships tend to happen without feeling forced. Joining a club or organization ensures quality and judicious use of the time at the disposal. It is a healthy and responsible way of living.

Students must have a balance in life where they must share College experiences, manage time and set priorities. There must be moderation between constantly attending library and being life of the party. Make efforts to overcome Language and culture barriers. Attending clubs, events, seminars, and social events organized for the benefit for all students. The course of study is a ready and great way to relate and get introduced to other students. It is culturally strong to spend time with both international and American friends. Do not be friends only to the people who are similar. Stay deeply committed to career goals and education as there is an investment of time, energy and money involved. Think, communicate and plan ahead. Have fresh ideas and to build on them.  Do all assignments, extra work and learn the technique to survive and surge ahead. Discuss vital academic issues with classmates 

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