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Settlement in Singapore

Settlement in Singapore:

There are two types of settlement that Singapore Immigration offers to its immigrants as the first one leads to the second. The first is Permanent Residence and the second is Singaporean Citizenship.

Permanent Residence:

Only the existing permanent residents of Singapore can apply a PR status for his/her dependants (family/spouse). Singapore Immigration has defined the characteristics of people who could be eligible for applying for PR. Following are the ones:

ü  Spouse and unmarried, dependent children who are below 21 years of age.

ü  Age old parents/ care takers of a Singapore PR.

ü  Employment pass holders and S pass holders can apply as well.

ü  Entrepreneurs and people who want to invest in Singapore.

Permanent residence status takes from 4 to 6 months to be processed for a candidate generally.

For documentation required, process and steps taken, you may contact Competent Careers where we offer circumscribed information about what it takes to gain permanent residence status in Singapore. We have experienced professionals working with us who are adept at counseling for Singapore.


Singapore Immigration allows only its permanent residents to escalate their permanent residence status to citizenship. However, permanent residents must also meet certain requirements to be eligible for Singaporean Citizenship.

With Competent Careers, all such eligibility requirements will come clear to you; thanks to our experienced staff which has processed handful of Singapore citizenship candidatures successfully.


Any permanent resident must be staying a least of 2 years in Singapore already to apply for Singaporean Citizenship.


Documentation is huge for permanent residents applying for citizenship and only a reliable consulting services provider like Competent Careers can offer you proper guidance.

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