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Australia Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 489)

 This particular program for skilled regional visa for skilled workforce and their families to live study and work in regional areas of Australia up to 4 years

Applicants under this category must live for 2 years and work for at least 12 months in a specific province or nominated areas of Australia.


·         Applicant should be under 45 years of age

·         Should score the pints as per the mentioned factors in the points test

·         Should be proficient in English

·         Should be nominated for any of the occupation in the relevant list given by Australia

·         Should have apt skill assessment

·         Sponsorship from any of the eligible relative living in Australia

·         Should have a regional sponsorship from a state

Benefits of this program:

·         Stay in Australia up to 4 years

·         Live, work and study in the provinces of Australia

·         Will be able to travel in and out of the country within the visa time frame

·         A pathway to obtain a permanent visa in Australia by meeting the eligibility criteria

 Sponsor Eligibility criteria:

The applicant should be sponsored by any relative in Australia, who is an eligible sponsor meeting the requirement which is, a sponsor should be Australian citizen, New Zealand citizen or permanent resident of Australia.

The relation between the sponsor and the applicant can either be a brother, sister, parent, non-dependent child, Uncle, Aunt, first cousin, Nephew, Niece, de-facto spouse inter-dependent partner, relative of the applicant’s spouse or half and step-relatives.

: The sponsor should be living in a designated area of Australia before lodging the application and also should prove that he /she will continue to live in the country

The sponsor will have to sign a sponsorship undertaking stating that he/she will provide required assistance to meet the applicant’s financial and social obligations for a certain period of time for a comfortable living in Australia

Health Requirements:

You must meet certain definite health requirements. The health examinations you need will depend on your personal situation, which includes your country of nationality, your intended activities in Australia and the last five years of you stay in home country. The outcome of your health examinations is normally valid for a year which is 12 months period

This also applies to you and all the dependent family members scheduled in your submission are above 16 years old, whether they are migrating or don’t

Inclusion in the application:

--> Applicant’s partner

--> You or your partner’s reliant or dependent children

 These family members must meet the requirements for including family members in your application, Dependent visa applicants, who are above 18 years, are required to meet at least Functional English requirement, or by IELTS test scores of 4.5 and above or by paying visa second installment charges towards English requirements.

Adding your partner and dependent children to your application is only possible before the visa application is going get lodged and not after the visa is filed.

Application charges and other costs:

·         Skill Assessment fee – AUD300-AUD2200

·         State Sponsorship fee- Varies from AUD200- AUD600 Medicals/Registration– case specific

·         DHA Application Fee: AUD3,670

·         Dependents below 18 years of age: AUD920

·         Dependents above 18 years of age: AUD1,835

Competent Careers process:

Our full range serviceability includes

·         Initial counseling on the entire procedure

·         Checklist of the documents

·         Filling up forms, submission and application procedure

·         Guidance on obtaining a police clearance certificate which is very essential

·         Assistance on medicals

·         Follow-up with DHA

·         Guidance on visa interviews

·         Guidance on lodging the visa application and other procedures

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