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Canada Immigration

Immigration has helped to make Canada one of the world's richest nations. Immigrants have overcome Challenges and have integrated well. Indians were warmly welcomed in Canada and they received 28,889 permanent resident visas, 130,000 visitor visas, and 13,000 study permits in 2012.  Over 130,000 visitor visas were given to Indian applicants study permits and 13,000 study permits were issued to international students.  It is an immigrant country, which is replenished in each generation by a new set of newcomers.

In 2014, Canada has showed a high intake of new immigrants totaling more than 75,900. It has the highest rate of naturalization (85%) in the world, and potential migrants identify it as a viable destination of migration. A number of factors decide this increase. There are many changes and improvements in Canadian immigration policy. The government launched the blueprint for citizenship improvement under Bill C-24, the Strengthening Canadian Citizenship Act.

These improvements aim to protect the value of Canadian citizenship and prevent fraud, reduce the decision making process, shorten the current backlog in Canadian Citizenship application and streamline the application fees. The government is working to ensure the timely processing of citizenship applications so that deserving applicants can quickly become Canadian citizens. The changes are reflected in high number of new citizens.

The implementation planned for June 2014, aims at improving its immigration policies, for various migration pathways, and makes Canada an interesting place for hopeful migrants to suit opportunities. The economic growth requires a steady stream of skilled workers, experienced classes, entrepreneurs, executives, academicians, self-employed, and investors to meet emerging labor demands.


Indians student category is hugely popular. Many recent initiatives are in place with attractive options for them and they are occupying a strong position every year.

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