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USA and its features

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Time, Patience and waiting to study and work without giving up are virtues respected in USA. Immigration is an act of love for the people who come here. Migrants have courage to build better lives against the odds, and this has to be respected and admired.

USA has flourished because it was fed from many sources, because it was nourished by many cultures and traditions and peoples. An immigrant is something of all nationalities yet he is wholly none of them. Something is always added to a visitor which he/she did not have before. USA endows them with briskness, modernity, invention and quick movement. An immigrant assimilates all the new customs quickly, and becomes a part of the large family and is judged on merits.

Universities make concerted efforts to increase enrollment of foreigners, with transitional programs and always attempt to bridge the cultural divide.  To be a college student in their own country, and in the United States, is very different and demanding. The University prepares students to move into mainstream of the university after some months. The supply of college-age Americans is presently stagnant. The foreigners provide more academic and national diversity, and enrich the discipline. The tradition of class discussion and various activities are new to students. They also need to be careful about the issues of plagiarism and attribution. The concepts of culture are made known through workshops and personal counseling on issues that are non-academic like dating etiquette, personal space, privacy, body language,  driving and drinking laws, attitudes towards mental health, interaction with peers, faculty members and police. These measures have a bearing on the overall personality of the students and make them well rounded and good enough for the American way of life

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