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Hong Kong Business or Investment Visas

Hong Kong Business/Investment Visas:

Hong Kong Immigration welcomes people from other parts of the world who brim with business/investment prospects to invest in a Hong Kong based business or to start up a new business in Hong Kong.

On the same scheme of General Employment Policy, Hong Kong Immigration also offers investors to migrate to Hong Kong to invest/start up new businesses.

Apart from the requirements mentioned for jobseekers under this policy, people who wish to migrate to Hong Kong for business/investment purposes have separate set of eligibility criteria to be met. They are:

·         Clean social record in applicant’s country of residence.

·         Thorough educational background to establish the intellectual ability to handle entrepreneurial aspirations.

·         Thorough layout of a business plan for at least the next two years to produce substantial revenue and job creation.

·         Demonstration of previous years’ business balance statement to wish to continue the same business unit in Hong Kong

·         Demonstration of adequate finances to be able to set up business in Hong Kong

·         Demonstration of promise to create local jobs via the business under establishment

The investment visa holders can also welcome their dependants to migrate to Hong Kong and stay with them for as long as the visa holders stay.

Capital Investment Entrant Scheme:


This scheme has been kept on hold by Hong Kong Immigration ever since 15th January 2015 until further notice issued. However, if you still are curious about the visa’s policies, eligibility criteria and other information, contact Competent Careers to have an expert counsellor assigned to you to take you to a walk around the CIE scheme.

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