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Being an island and a subsidiary to the Great Britain, Ireland is one of the most significant islands across the world; not just in terms of area but in terms of population, economy and history. Enjoying one of the world’s most valued currencies, Ireland also enjoys a lot of other things. Its affable neighbourhood offers a promising living to people in the country.

That is the reason why Ireland has been successful in attracting immigrants from all corners of the world. Talking about education, Ireland houses few of the world’s reputed institutions; talking about economy and job market, Ireland provides great opportunities to job seeker; talking about travel, Ireland enjoys such landscapes that attract the nature lovers.

With Competent Careers, you will be almost assured of an Ireland Visa. Be it any purpose of visit, consult Competent Careers to avail all the knowledge about Ireland’s visas and immigration so that you will be aware of everything it takes to travel to Ireland.

About Ireland Immigration:

The Ireland Immigration revolves around work permit it grants for foreign nationals who offer great skills sets to Ireland job market where the regional job market is facing a shortage. Ireland has Green Card Permit Scheme and Work Permit Scheme in place to offer permanent residence to immigrants who are skilled and are employed with local employers. Unlike other countries that have point based systems to determine applicants’ eligibility for immigration, Ireland goes straight with employment.

Competent Careers offers full fledged information about Ireland Immigration as we have a dedicated wing working round the clock to offer assistance and counselling for candidates who intend to migrate to Ireland. We offer our services across all visa types offered by Ireland Immigration and contacting us will be your shortest path to obtain an Ireland Visa.




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